Stradford Preparatory Charter School for Boys
Inspiring Excellence. Striving for Greatness.

Who Are We?

To understand Stradford Preparatory's mission and vision, we look to past as a source of inspiration. Stradford Prep is dedicated to fostering a environment that inspires brotherhood, excellence, self-efficacy, adaptability and leadership.  Our primary goal is to enable our boys to develop their individual potential through exposure to holistic range of academic, sporting, creative, and cultural learning opportunities.

We want our young men to see themselves in a story of success and be motivated to achieve their own greatness, in part, through learning about those who have come before them.We know that when young boys see themselves represented in stories of greatness, they can move mountains and achieve their highest potential.


Inspiration Behind the Name

J.B. Stradford, a man who modeled self-sufficiency, adaptability, and leadership to uplift the community of Greenwood was born into slavery in Kentucky in 1861. J.B. Stradford was taught to read and write by abolitionist and through his father's persistence, defiance and strength, the family gained its freedom, which allowed J.B. to pursue his undergraduate degree at Oberlin College in Ohio, followed by a law degree from Indiana University.

During post-emancipation America, Stradford was an outspoken advocate for the African American community and never hesitated to argue for equal treatment and solidarity. He believed in the promise of America to offer equal opportunities to all people willing to work hard. Stradford became a successful entrepreneur and moved to the Greenwood section of Oklahoma. Stradford bought and sold land to African American families and business, creating a thriving economy within the town of Greenwood, which would eventually be known as "The Black Wall Street".

We find our school rooted in this piece of recovered history. At Stradford Prep, we will challenge, motivate, discipline, and inspire our young men to achieve and become the future leaders both in our communities and in our country. By developing a commitment to inner growth and outward transformation, our young men will be ready to design their own futures because we see potential and gifts and genius of all young men no matter their race or socioeconomic status.  Like the forefathers who have come before our young men, Stradford Prep students will equipped with academic, social, and emotional skills sets successfully compete in society, no matter the obstacles they may face. We know that when given the right tools, all boys can develop the mindset of J.B. Stradford  -- one focuses on changing and developing communities within a community.