Stradford Preparatory Charter School for Boys
Inspiring Excellence. Striving for Greatness.

Academic Overview

 “Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome while trying to succeed.” – Booker T. Washington


Stradford Prep Academic Overview: 

Our academic program is designed to instill a curiosity in learning. Stradford Prep’s academic program is based on the fundamental beliefs about instruction and curriculum: (a) high quality instruction drives student achievement and leads to mastery of knowledge/skills, (b) challenging and supporting our young men as it relates to individual character development drives them towards academic success, and (c) rigorous high-quality student work creates equity. Teachers will frame instructional delivery and learning around Common Core Learning Standards. Instructional content will be culturally relevant and rigorous to prepare our young men to meet high school and college entrance requirements. We believe that all young males can achieve and reach their full potential.

Deeper Instruction: At Stradford Prep, we derive our pedagogical stance largely from the notion of deeper learning and the expanded vision of student achievement it carries with it.  Stradford Prep’s unique educational program will be grounded in the six outcomes of Deeper Learning. Our model will also place an emphasis on Experiential Learning, Performance-Based Assessments, and Culturally Responsive Education. Through Deeper Instruction, Experiential Learning, Performance-Based Assessments, and Culturally Responsive Education, our students will explore real-world problems in Math, Sciences, Social Studies, and English Language Arts content areas. Our young men will learn to collaborate, question, create, and reflect with other students as well as teachers to understand why specific learning standards or targets are important. Students will apply the knowledge obtained from their core classes to real world applications that are centered around essential questions.

Upper and Lower Academy: Stradford Prep will be split into Lower and Upper Academy. Lower Academy are grades 5 and 6 and Upper Academy are grades 7 and 8; each grade’s learning experiences will be organized around our core values. Each year, students will advance through topics designed to prepare them for the challenges of post-secondary education. Students will be supported in building foundational reading and mathematical skills in Lower Academy while also developing the collaborative and communication skills needed to excel in Upper Academy. Once reaching Upper Academy, students will access hands-on learning experiences that will link thematic concepts from the classroom to everyday life and future career options during their Experiential Learning Blocks.