Stradford Prep Admissions

The decision to send your child to a specific institution is one of the most important decisions a family can make.

We want our young men to see themselves in a story of success and be motivated to achieve their own greatness, in part, through learning about those who have come before them.We know that when young boys see themselves represented in stories of greatness, they can move mountains and achieve their highest potential.

Application Process

Eligibility Requirements

You must be a resident of New York state to apply to Stradford Prep. Admission is FREE, determined by a lottery, and is not limited based on any factor, but returning students have admissions priority.


Now enrolling 5th & 6th Grade. Once you submit your application, you may use the same link to track its status. (If you need a paper application, you may obtain one by emailing


New York State law requires all charter schools to conduct a random lottery if there are more applicants than available seats. Anyone not offered an initial seat must be placed on a wait list. Preference in the lottery is given to:

  • Siblings of current or accepted students
  • Children of Stradford Prep employees
  • Applicants who reside within the Community School District (CSD) 11 and 9


After the lottery, each family will receive an email notification with an offer or wait list information. (Waitlisted families will receive offers on a rolling basis.) Families are not required to attend the lottery.


Congratulations, you are now officially a member of the Stradford Prep family! A staff member will reach out to schedule your orientation and let you know about any documents that need to be submitted before the start of the year.


Enrollment into Stradford Prep will take place virtually. A staff member will contact your family directly to get you all set up!

Now Accepting Applications

Now Enrolling 5th & 6th Grade

Create an account online and submit your application today! 

Create an account online and submit your application.

A charter school shall not discriminate against or limit the admission of any student on any unlawful basis, including on the basis of ethnicity, national origin, gender, disability, intellectual ability, measures of achievement or aptitude, athletic ability, race, creed, religion or ancestry. A school may not require any action by a student or family (such as admissions test, interview, essay, attendance at an information session, etc.) in order for an applicant to either receive or submit an application for admission to that Admission.

“When you can do the common things of life in an uncommon way, you will command the attention of the world.”

—George Washington Carver