Beyond the Classroom

We believe in the power of mentorship. Our classrooms are designed to engage, inspire, and strengthen the relationships between students and educators.

Traditions and Rituals

At Stradford Preparatory Charter School for Boys, we use rituals and traditions as a way to enshrine high celebration into the culture of the school. There are daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual rituals, traditions and celebrations that mark the progression of the young men as they traverse the rite-of-passage that is Stradford Prep.

Rites of Passage

To further align our Core Values across our students’ four year experience in our school, each grade will have a specific core value that is explicitly taught within the Advisory House curriculum. The core value will be used to formulate the grade level Rites of Passage Ceremony at the end of each year. The ceremonial process will allow our young men to deepen their relationship with the specific core value and create connections to the value within their own lives.

At the end of each year, we will come together as a community where we will have our young men hear from mentors and motivational speakers as well as celebrate the accomplishments of one another as brothers. Our young men will earn a core value patch at the end of each year that can be worn as a badge of honor on their uniforms. These badges signify their cross over to the next core value and grade.

Stradford Prep’s Advisory Houses

At Stradford Prep, our advisory house system is embedded in the history of our school name. Our young men will be placed into houses which are named after streets located in the Greenwood community of Tulsa Oklahoma where Black Wall Street occurred. Each house will have one mentor teacher and a volunteer leader from the community. The purpose of the houses is to provide the support our young men will need – academically, mentally, and socially – to reach their full potential.

Our advisory house structure will ensure our Core Values are woven into the daily lives of our young men. We use our advisory houses for purposeful “teachable moments” where members of our school community can come together to address specific issues or topics. Our Core Values will drive the advisory lessons that focus on teaching our young men that the success of the individual and the success of the community are tied together. Our advisory program will allow us to positively impact and support our young men while building meaningful relationships between the adults and students within the school community.

Lower Academy Houses

Our young men in 5th and 6th grade will focus on building self-awareness and identity to understand who they are as individuals. As our students transition into Upper Academy, our boys build on their experiences in Lower Academy to uncover how they affect the relationships they build and the community in which they live and learn in.

Upper Academy Houses

Our young men will begin to make the transformation into understanding how important they are as individuals to the collective. Our advisory curriculum allows our young men to deepen their relationships with each other and connect our Core Values to their own lives.

Advisory Program Goals

  • Brotherhood

    Our young men will work together to accomplish goals and create learning communities. They will practice and role play scenarios on how to build upon mutual respect for classmates and love for the Stradford Prep community. As brothers, our scholars will share common interests, complete team building exercises and work towards earning incentives together to learn the importance of togetherness and brotherhood.

  • Relationships and Mentoring

    We will empower our young men to create relevant connections and relationships with their brothers within the school community and the faculty. With this, our structure will vertically align young men at Stradford Prep at different grade levels to peer mentor one another.

  • Leadership

    Teaching our young men how to be leaders is one of the Core Values of our school. All houses will be co-lead by one of our scholars that will voice the individual concerns, feedback, or praises of the student body within their house.

  • Counsel and Community

    We create systems of proactive counseling that provides scholar to scholar support, scholar to educator support, and educator to educator support. Systematically develop, assess, and reinforce essential components of sound character.

Mentor and Leadership Academy

Stradford Prep’s Mentor and Leadership Academy works with young men to expand upon their strengths through social, emotional, and character education. Each year, students attend a week-long summer mentoring and leadership academy to participate in workshops, assessments, one-on-one meetings and team building activities.

Alternative Approach to Discipline 

Our Alternative Approach to Discipline uses positive reinforcement, corrects unwanted behavior, emphasizes self-accountability, and recognizes how the individual impacts the community. Our staff is encouraged to use Quick Interventions and Restorative Practices by allowing students the space to own the actions they took, recognize the impact it has on themselves and their learning community and develop ways they can fix it.

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”

 — Frederick Douglass