Represent Stradford Prep by paying it forward for future generations of Stradford Scholars.


On behalf of the families of Stradford Preparatory Charter School for Boys, we want to thank you for your one-time gift to support our young male scholars. Your gift will allow Stradford Prep students the opportunity to keep their focus on personal and academic development and not on resources.

Your support will help us meet the educational challenges of these unprecedented times and keep our young men connected, engaged and learning. Our commitment to giving our boys a great education remains unchanged, whether we are teaching remotely or within school buildings.

Here are a few examples of what your generosity does to help the young men of Stradford Prep:

  • Classroom Learning Supplies

    We found that the best schools have a prescribed set of academic materials that are essential for learning. To remove this as a barrier to participation in our program, we have found it necessary to provide our scholars with the supplies necessary to focus on their learning. A gift of $200 would cover the cost of materials for one of our young men – his backpack, binders, folders, notebooks, calculator, pencils, pens, paper, rulers, and any other related materials across the year.

  • Local and Regional Trips

    Because we are committed to critical exposure for our young men, we intend to make sure that our young men explore the nation and the world in which they live. A gift of $50 would cover the cost of one regional trip – including transportation, admissions and food.

  • Learning Environment

    We want our scholars to learn in vibrant, lively classrooms that reflect the subjects being taught, the lives of the teachers and the learning and experience of our scholars. This leads to a space that is relevant for our boys and encourages their optimal engagement. At the same time, we do not think that teachers should be burdened with the responsibility of paying for items that are essential to building a vibrant and relevant learning environment. For that reason, we have found it necessary to provide our teachers with $1,000 to build their classroom environments. A gift of $1,000 would cover the environmental cost of one classroom – the extra furniture, fixtures and equipment that each teacher needs to make their classroom a special place for learning.

“Giving is not just about making a Donation, it’s about making a Difference”

– Kathy Calvin

After you make your donation. You will receive an acknowledgment letter for tax purposes in your inbox immediately after your payment is confirmed. Stradford Preparatory Charter School for Boys is a 501c3 organization. Thank you for your support.


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