Stradford Preparatory Charter School for Boys
Inspiring Excellence. Striving for Greatness.

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United by our Core Values of Brotherhood, Excellence, Self-Efficacy, Adaptability, and Leadership, our school will provide young men of all backgrounds and experiences with a robust academic, character, and social education in a nurturing environment. We will inspire our young men and guide them along the path that leads to independence and greatness.


Our school will provide the highest quality educational experience from boyhood to young adulthood to fuel the academic, cultural and character growth of each student, helping each realize his highest potential.

Core Values

At the center of our approach, are our core values:

Brotherhood, Excellence, Adaptability, Leadership, Self-Efficacy

Brotherhood - At Stradford Prep, brotherhood is about creating “Brotherly Ties” by working together to accomplish goals and to create learning communities. Brotherhood is built upon mutual respect and love for the Stradford Prep Community.  As brothers, our students will share common interests or qualities; our students will act with respect, warmth, and equality toward one another, regardless of differences of race, nationality, age and/or economic status. Brotherhood at Stradford Prep will represent an unbreakable unity between young men towards a common purpose of reaching their full potential.

Excellence - The young men of Stradford Prep will pursue excellence in all that they do, good is never good enough for a Stradford man. At Stradford Prep, our young men will be innovative and try new ways of doing things to improve each day, model positive actions as they pursue high expectations, and work as a team to guiding each other as well as ask for help when needed. Stradford men will be outstanding as they exceed standards in order to accomplish their life mission for reaching their full potential.

Adaptability - Stradford men are flexible and have the ability to adapt to the changing society in which we live. Stradford men will not fold under pressure when something changes or a problem occurs. We will teach our young men to develop solutions when there is a problem. They will learn to adjust, adapt and modify in order to reach their full potential as young men and future leaders.

Leadership - At Stradford Prep, leadership is a privilege. Leadership at Stradford Prep carries with it the responsibility to inspire others, and to direct them to attain the vision and goals of Stradford Prep. Our young men will guide and facilitate others to make a positive difference in their own lives and to contribute to a larger good of our school community.

Self-Efficacy - At Stradford Prep, our young men will assume the personal responsibility for their learning and development. They will understand that the amount of effort and persistence that they devote to any task or assignment will determine the outcomes. Our young men will believe in their ability to succeed in any situation.